House Histories

When the society published the book ‘All Stretton History and Houses’ in 2006 it covered some 19 properties. We would like to extend this so that we cover all properties, to see how the village has developed over the years.

Property information is formulated in a similar manner to our book. This would show information obtained from our records that currently exist on the website. Extra information could be obtained by obtaining the deeds, but this may be only available for a limited number of properties.

Some of these Houses can only be found in our Publication

If you wish to pursue the history of your own house we have published a short guide to help. Please click here.

The House History project aims to cover all the properties in the Village (except those covered in the Book) and try to record the age of the property, a list of the occupants over the years and other interesting information. If you would like to give us some information about your property – please fill in the form below as a starting point.