The references beginning with PH or PC are Shropshire Archive reference numbers.

PH/A/13/88 A couple in the doorway, identified as Edward and Anne Gough. Photograph of original, c. 1897.
PH/A/13/89 - A farmer with horse and cart outside Lower House barn, now Barn Acre. Photograph of late 19th century original.
PH/A/13/80 - A woman in a bonnet with knitting, standing by the cottage gate. Photograph of original, late 19th century.
PH/A/13/79 - A woman holding chickens. Photograph of original, late 19th century.
PH/A/13/81 - A woman in a bonnet with knitting standing by the house door. Photograph of original, late 19th century.
PH/A/13/82 - A Game keeper or farm bailiff. Photograph of original, late 19th century.
PH/A/13/83 - A man with long beard wearing hat and frock coat holding package stood in road outside cottage. Photograph of original, late 19th century.
PH/A/13/85 -A family group in front of Dudgeley Farm, presumably the Rogers family. Photograph of original, c. 1900.
PH/A/13/84 - A couple in a cottage doorway, identified as Edward and Anne Gough . Photograph of original, c. 1897.
PH/A/13/78 - Watling House Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the garden showing ladies sat at tables with maids in attendance. Photograph of original, 1897.
PH/A/13/87 - Inwood - Ponies being driven down from the Long Mynd, 19 Sep 1906
PH/A/13/69 - An aerial view of Grove House, the buildings and vegetable gardens. Batch Valley Road is seen on the right of the picture.
PH/A/13/68 - Early 20th Century - Girls Friendly Society - Twenty young women on an outing "by waggonette", standing in a field.
PH/A/13/67 - 1903 "Travellers' Lodging House", now the Manor House from a Postcard by Valentine.
PH/A/13/40 - Shrewsbury Road Looking south: Lower House/Watling House and the White Horse in the foreground. A Horse and cart and a woman with a dog. Francis Frith 51392.
PH/A/13/39 - The ford in Farm Lane, All Stretton, with Old Hall Farm and White Heart Cottage.
PH/A/13/33 - 1904 Grove House, Long view from the Nover across the valley to Caer Caradoc.
PH/A/13/10 - 1904 St. Michael and All Angels Church, the Church and lychgate from a Francis Frith Postcard.
PH/A/13/27 - Shrewsbury Road looking north: Hall Cottage and Buckstone Farmhouse. Postcard from the 1920s.
PH/A/13/29 - The Yew Tree Inn and the Stores from a Postcard by Valentine.
PH/A/13/31 - 1969 Buckstone Hill - View of Grove Cottage, "1603", etc., seen across the rubble of the demolished Grove House.
PH/A/13/30 - 1940's An aerial view of the junction of Shrewsbury Road and Farm Lane. Essex Lodge in the centre. Includes part of Grove House, The Steps, The Stores, and Roseleigh.
PH/A/13/36 - Batch Valley from about 1920.
PH/A/13/48 - Mineral water factory Photograph of a postcard (Wilding No 189) in about 1920, imprinted Spring Bank - All Stretton. View includes a dray horse.
PH/A/13/50 - The Stores from a Postcard from about the 1920's.
PH/A/13/60 - Grove House and grounds. View from the south, the Grove Ladies' Asylum.
PH/A/13/41 1960 - Batch Valley from Novers Hill. Showing the Reservoir in the foreground with Reservoir Cottage behind and Meadow Green on the right.
1900 - All Stretton Stores with from the left Jack Beaumond, unknown, Bill Tarbuck and George Tantrum.
Buckstone Cottage
A View showing the Manor House with the Row and the Chapel in the background
1910 Entrance to Batch Valley with Brooklyn Cottage
1933 Batch Valley with 'The Batch' on the right
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1933 Batch Valley
1933 Top of Batch Valley
PC/A/13/1 - Hall and Buckstone Hill, All Stretton
PC/A/13/3 - Hill and St Michael's Church, All Stretton
PC/A/13/5 - View of All Stretton
PC/A/13/7 - The Grove from Buckstone Hill, All Stretton
PC/A/13/6 - Bottom of Castle Hill, All Stretton
PC/A/13/9 - General View, All Stretton
PC/A/13/11 - All Stretton Village
PC/A/13/12 - Shrewsbury Road, All Stretton
PC/A/13/13 - All Stretton, Travellers' Lodging House
PC/A/13/15 - Shop, All Stretton
PC/A/13/16 - All Stretton, Old Houses, Church Stretton
PC/A/13/20 - Travellers' Lodging House, All Stretton, Shropshire
PC/A/13/21 - In the Batch Valley, All Stretton
PC/A/13/22 - Caradoc, All Stretton
PC/A/13/24 - Batch Valley, All Stretton
PC/A/13/25 - All Stretton Church
PC/A/13/27 - Interior of All Stretton Church
PC/A/13/29 - All Stretton and Caradoc
PC/A/13/30 - All Stretton Hall Hotel
PC/A/13/31 - The Water Wheel, Dudgeley Mill, All Stretton
PC/A/13/2 - Shrewsbury Road, All Stretton
PC/A/13/4 - All Stretton
PC/A/13/8 - Farm Lane, All Stretton
PC/A/13/10 - The Rest and Manor Manor House, All Stretton
PC/A/13/14 - Grove House - All Stretton
PC/A/13/19 - Yew Tree Inn, All Stretton
PC/A/13/26 - All Stretton Church
PC/A/13/28 - All Stretton Hall
PC/A/13/32 - The Shropshire Hills
PC/A/13/33 - All Stretton Church
PC/A/13/34 - Batch Valley, All Stretton
PC/A/13/23 - Entrance to Batch Valley, All Stretton

1910 - Castle Hill looking towards Buckstone Cottage and the Row.1904 - St. Michael and All Angels Church.

1904 - Village view from just above the War Memorial.1910 - Batch Valley at the point of the path towards the Golf Course looking towards Reservoir Cottage.

1910 - Batch Valley looking towards Brooklyn Cottage and Grove Cottage.1910 - Batch Valley at the Ford.

1904 - View of Batch Valley from Novers Hill looking at the Reservoir.1904 - The village view from Novers Hill.

1935 - View of Batch Valley looking towards the Reservoir (now the Top Car Park).